Where To Start Your Healing Lifestyle

So many of you have asked me WHERE to start with your healing lifestyle.

Should I be Paleo, Vega, Dairy Free?
Can I still eat meat?
Do I need a NO FAT protocol?
Do I have to take all the supplements to heal?
How long will it take?
What are the No foods?

If you have ever asked yourself this questions, here are few rules of thumb to follow:

  • START GRADUALLY: Your body is a complex and delicate processor. It does not like to be pushed. Look at the NO FOODS list below and start removing them from your diet

  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: You are the healer. Your body knows exactly what to do to heal and gives you clues, Tune in. Do what intuitively feels right. Don't worry about what other people are doing, you are a Biologically and Spiritually UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL as is your wellness

  • BE PATIENT: You are in it for the long haul. Healing your body and overcoming chronic illnesses is not an overnight deal. So it's ok to take your time. Avoid strict regimens if you are just starting out

  • GET SUPPORT: There are going to be good times and not so good ones. The healing process is not a linear one. reach out to Family, Friends, Community, join FB groups, enlist a friend or your spouse to start this lifestyle with you

  • WORK WITH A PROFESSIONAL: If you get to a point where you are overwhelmed with all the information, if you are not sure what path to take, if you are stalling, not getting better or actually getting worse reach out to a Nutritional Medicine Practioner like me or Naturopath, so that they can address your specific needs or not just repeat one-size-fits-all statements.

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    You are so worthy of your wellness,

    Maria xo